Shop Lighting Solution Provider in Riyad offers Shop Lighting Solutions, Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Accessories, Lighting Layout Design, Lux Level Calculation Services.
E-Claire Interior Lighting, LED Lighting and Multi Star Lighting.
Rayo Interior Lighting, LED Lighting and Multi Star Lighting.
Good performance and superior light rendering
Quality lighting solutions that are sensible & economical
Reflector designs modeled on European standards
A relatively 40% to 50% lesser price tag
Low on maintenance and high on performance
Why More Investment on Lighting Fixtures?
a) Performance and light rendering
b) Quality
c) Price
About us
We are ANTC, a premier shop lighting solution provider based in Riyadh – KSA.The lighting solutions from our stable are a right fit for the retail spaces your business inhabits, as we believe that every space is an end in itself. Our role as a leading lighting fixtures and accessories supplier with lighting layout design and lux level calculation expertise, means that our clientele includes some of the most celebrated brands in the Organized Retail Industry.


Good performance and better light rendering

As Lamp and Control Gear become an integral part of lighting, we always supply lamps and ballasts from well established brands in the lighting industry.


The lighting fixtures we provide have the same elegant look and feel as some of the other well-known brands. Where we score is our ability to offer you quality lighting solutions that are both sensible and economical. Also, the reflector designs we use are modeled on European standards which ensures high quality light rendering.


You would be spending less on our lighting fixtures, as opposed to any of the other celebrated brands.

Low maintenance

Our products are designed considering all the lighting standards and quality components inside, for easy maintenance and a simpler life.

Great performance and longevity

Superior quality Terminal Block (connector) ensure better heat resistance, greater performance and longer life of the lamps and fixtures. The frame or skeleton is made out of high quality die cast aluminum, and the reflectors made out of pure aluminum to throw better and soft light which will lend visual comfort to the shop. More over luminaries are with male & female plugs to avoid any wrong connection and to make sure easy installation.

High on elegance

Compact and sleeker finishes ensure your establishment looks elegant.

Anti fading qualities

Metal Halide fixtures are used with Metal Halide Ceramic technology lamps, which produces constant light. The glass cover of the fixture is UV protected, and also have the added advantage of visual comfort.
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