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E-Claire Interior Lighting, LED Lighting and Multi Star Lighting.
Rayo Interior Lighting, LED Lighting and Multi Star Lighting.
Good performance and superior light rendering
Quality lighting solutions that are sensible and economical
Reflector designs modeled on European standards
A relatively 40% to 50% lesser price tag
Low on maintenance and high on performance
Why More Investment on Lighting Fixtures?
a) Performance and light rendering
b) Quality
c) Price


We are ANTC, a premier shop lighting solution provider based in Riyadh – KSA.The lighting solutions from our stable are a right fit for the retail spaces your business inhabits, as we believe that every space is an end in itself. We are looking for smart and talented people that embrace our innovative spirit and enhance our fun and collaborative culture. Our team is composed of the most talented people from around the world. When you join our family you are well on your way to making the top in your career destination. If you’re looking for a challenging and fulfilling career, make yourself at home and submit your resume here.

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