Shop Lighting Solution Provider in Riyad offers Shop Lighting Solutions, Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Accessories, Lighting Layout Design, Lux Level Calculation Services by Lighting consultant Riyad, Lighting consultant KSA, Lighting Riyad, Lighting KSA, Lighting KSA, Lighting in KSA.

E-Claire Interior Lighting, LED Lighting and Multi Star Lighting.
Rayo Interior Lighting, LED Lighting and Multi Star Lighting.
Good performance and superior light rendering
Quality lighting solutions that are sensible and economical
Reflector designs modeled on European standards
A relatively 40% to 50% lesser price tag
Low on maintenance and high on performance
Why More Investment on Lighting Fixtures?
a) Performance and light rendering
b) Quality
c) Price

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P.O Box 68518
Riyadh – KSA
Tel: + 966 1 4773321
Fax: + 966 1 4766332

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