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E-Claire Interior Lighting, LED Lighting and Multi Star Lighting.
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Good performance and superior light rendering
Quality lighting solutions that are sensible and economical
Reflector designs modeled on European standards
A relatively 40% to 50% lesser price tag
Low on maintenance and high on performance
a)Performance and light rendering
b) Quality
c) Price
Why are Metal Halide Lamps used?

They last longer compared to Halogen and CFL, as their life is anywhere between 10000 to 12000 hours. And the Intensity of these lights is higher too. They also generate lesser heat compared to Halogen. There is lesser maintenance involved as well compared to Halogen lamps.

What are the different colours available in Metal Halide Lamp?

Warm Light (830)
Day Light (942)

Can a Metal Halide Lamp go with Magnetic Ballast?

Yes, most of the Metal Halide Lamps can go with Magnetic Ballast, but it is not advised for CDM-TC and CDM-R lamps.

What is the time taken to get the complete intensity from the Metal Halide Lamp?

5 to 7 minutes

What is the price of a Metal Halide Lamp?

It will be higher than Halogen / CFL lamps.

Is there any difference between Metal Halide Lamp fixture and any other Halogen and CFL fixture?

Yes, the lamp holder and the reflector will be different.

Will Metal Halide Lamp work without Ballast / Control Gear?


Is it possible to convert the Halogen / CFL fixture to Metal Halide fixture by only changing Lamp and Ballast?

It is not possible.

What is the difference between Electronic Ballast and Magnetic Ballast?

There is 25 % less power consumed in any Electronic Ballast compared to Magnetic Ballast. The Electronic Ballast is light in weight compared to Magnetic Ballast. Heat generation will be less in Electronic Ballast. Lamp life will improve up to 30 % in the case of Electronic Ballast.

Which is the costlier Ballast?

Electronic is costlier than Magnetic.

What is 360 degree rotation in shop lighting parlance?

A common feature in all ANTC lighting fixtures, the capability of 360 degree rotation will ensure that our Wall Washers cover a very wide area of your shopping space.

What role do 'Anti fading qualities' play in good shop lighting fixtures?

By using Metal Halide fixtures that never fade, one can ensure a great decor and glittering ambience for one's shop. Better quality of the outer cover glass also prevents the lighting fixtures from fading over a period of time.

I need some technical information on a product that is listed in your product catalog. What do I do?

You can contact us anytime you have a query that needs to be addressed. Our support team and round-the-clock query addressal staff will only be too glad to help you out and to clarify your shop lighting doubts.

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