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E-Claire Interior Lighting, LED Lighting and Multi Star Lighting.
Rayo Interior Lighting, LED Lighting and Multi Star Lighting.
Good performance and superior light rendering
Quality lighting solutions that are sensible & economical
Reflector designs modeled on European standards
A relatively 40% to 50% lesser price tag
Low on maintenance and high on performance
Why More Investment on Lighting Fixtures?
a) Performance and light rendering
b) Quality
c) Price
ANTC a premier shop lighting solution, that have been providing smart lighting solutions for a decade now. The lighting solutions from our stable are a right fit for the retail spaces your business inhabits, as we believe that every space is an end in itself. Our role as a leading lighting fixture and accessories supplier with lighting layout design and lux level calculation expertise, means that our clientele includes celebrated brands in the Organized Retail Industry.

Photo Gallery of Shop Lighting and Showroom Lighting Solutions

For any business, it becomes important to choose the right lighting design suppliers who can provide best quality shop lighting solutions and showroom lighting solutions. The right lighting is an integral part in the shop as it displays your products in a right way which attracts the customers. It is a known fact that in a well illuminated store, a customer enjoys shopping and wishes to come back again and again. ANTC is one of the best lighting solutions suppliers in India providing complete lighting layout design for retail spaces and shops including high quality lighting fixtures and shop lighting accessories creating a professional, modern and stylish environment for your shop. Please view our photo gallery for innumerable designs and innovative shop lighting solutions provided to our esteemed clients.


Fashion Shop Lighting Solutions.

  Electronic $ Home Appliances

Lighting for Electronic Home Appliances Shop.

               Car showroom

Car Showroom Lighting Solutions.

            Leather Products

Leather Products Shop Lighting.

          Jewellery $ Watches

Jewellery & Watches Showroom Lighting Solutions.


Furniture Shop Lighting Solutions.


Footwear Shop Lighting Solutions.

             Sports & Games

Sports Shop Lighting Solutions.


Designer of Lighting Solutions for Hotels.

Supermarket $ Department Stores

Supermarket and Department Stores Lighting Solutions.

      Books $ Office Stationary

Books and Office Stationery Shop Lighting Solutions.


View More Shop Lighting Projects.
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